As the competition among real estate developers intensify and with the industry at its peak of popularity, condos are rising here and there for everyone to own. It has become like the new wave of quality living as it is more practical and efficient. It’s the perfect living situation for the busy millennials in urban fast-paced cities. If you’re one of the people who are interested in buying a condo unit, here’s what you need to do and some of the things you should consider before getting one! Or considered looking for technology for real estate floor plans.


Research and Study

  • This is always a must for almost everything we want to do these days. Before buying this cute bag or watching the latest movie, you gotta check out customer feedback and movie reviews. That being said, you have to research and study the details of buying a condo unit.


Accessibility and Environment

  • It’s always a good idea to secure a residential location within walking distance to place of work, as wells as to different modes of transport and malls. Nowadays, traffic has become a major inconvenience especially to those who don’t have time to waste. Choosing a condo in an accessible location would help you save time and effort in getting to places. While you’re at it, you could also check the neighboring establishments and see if there are restaurants, coffee shops, malls, grocery stores, etc. It would be very convenient if many things and places are just within your reach.


Administration, Amenities and Community

  • When looking for a condo, make a checklist of what you want in a condo in order of priority. This will help you narrow down to your ideal type of condo thus making it easier for you when you go condo-hunting. There are people who prioritize looking for a condo with a gym and pool, while others focus more on the administration and their rules. Aside from that, don’t forget about the obvious aspects like the layout of the units, security, and the neighborhood.


Think Ahead and Be Updated

  • When buying a condo, whether for yourself or for rent, think ahead. Ask in advance how resaleble a unit is and determine the property’s life span. This is so that you know how long you should keep it, when to make changes and upgrades, as well as when and how much to sell to it for.
  • Always stay updated, especially if you’re planning to put up your condo for airbnb. Take note of any changes in the market so you will be aware of what people are looking for. Being updated also means looking out for any useful news that could affect you.


Know Your Payment Options

  • Before going condo hunting, it’s probably best to go through your finances first. Make sure you know your current financial status and calculate how much you earn and how much you should spend. When you’re done with that, you can proceed to knowing your payment options. You may apply for a housing loan or go for mortgage programs. All this will help you determine the price range you should focus on when looking for a condo.


There are countless of options these days  when it comes to looking for the perfect residential or commercial property. You have to make sure that you are ready financially, mentally, and emotionally. If you need a little help, it’s okay to call a financial expert or a real estate agent to stay by your side. Also, take note of these little tips and you are one step ahead of finding your ideal condo!

With the advancement of technology like 360 for real estate viewing, connecting to the world through social media has never been easy and fun. Social media helped people connect and discover the world with just a click; and now, social media made its way to the business world.


Social Media is said to be the perfect means of promotion to make a company well-known and successful, and most businesses strive to adapt to its evolution. Top-notch SEO expert Philippines said : miserably failed at the attempt so they gave up and went back to the old times, but the real question here is “how does social media really affect your business?”


Here are your answers:


Communication is key — Of course, social media is mostly used to connect with people even from afar. In business, social media help companies communicate with their target audience and even competitors, somehow making a noise. Making catchy advertisements will surely attract potential clients.


Mind The Market — Starting up a business, you, of course, search the market. Then marketing strategies are made, how to promote fast and easy, something your target audience can relate  —social media can do everything at once. With the right team of social media specialists, then you’re off to go and endorse.


Brand Matters — How you promote your products’ brand through social media matters, today’s generation is so into social media that everyone will surely see your brand. Proper guidance and knowledge on how to make your brand well-known should be a priority to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings or failure.


Social media made its way to every people’s gadgets that as a business-minded person, you take the opportunity to advertise your brand, communicate with your clients and make a name in the market. Social media may be the cause of some issues but it also has its advantages, making everything smooth and pleasant. Remember to promote responsibly, truthfully and lively.

The thought of buying a new house and starting a new life can truly be exciting. However, if you’re a first timer in buying a house, your knowledge might be quite limited. But that’s okay, you can do all of that along the way with a little research and some inputs from reliable people. To give you a heads up, here’s five money-related mistakes that first time home buyers usually make.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Not Anticipating The Down Payment



As first time buyers for example you wanted to buy an affordable house in Cebu, it’s hard to know exactly how much the down payment is and how much the lending or mortgage programs allow for you to borrow. The best way to go about this is to have a lot of savings on hand just in case it’s more expensive than expected.



Wasting an Opportunity to Negotiate


It’s okay to negotiate. This can lead you to very big savings, your future self will thank you. Were there any damages in the house that could maybe reduce the selling price a bit? Or is the seller amenable to paying any of the closing costs? Work around what you have and try to come up with a favorable agreement with the seller and the real estate agent. Also, some sellers will bargain with you to get the house off the buyers market. You just might get a very good deal!

Being Unaware of the Limits of Home Inspection



When the time comes for home inspection, make sure you know what’s covered because some of them don’t test for things like pests or mold. The usual inspections include checking the electrical and plumbing systems, but always feel free to ask the inspector to take a closer look on something. Anything that comes out of the report can influence your decision to buy the house or not. And this may lead to a good negotiation too, which might lead to you save more.

Forgetting About Closing Costs



Aside from the down payment, some first time home buyers also overlook the cost for closing the mortgage. It is said that 2-5% of your loan amount or of the price of the house is the usual rate. The best thing to do about this is to go around and compare prices until you’ve narrowed down to something suitable for you, or you could negotiate with the seller or your real estate agent as well.



Not Setting Aside Money for the Move-In Expenses


It’s already expected that buying a new home requires a lot of money, so it’s also important to know where it’s going. Not only are you paying for the house itself, the legal documents, or the mortgage or closing costs. You also have to consider the move in expenses  — furniture, appliances, or any other improvements necessary to make your new house be in its best condition. Don’t forget a traditional housewarming party to make it official!


This is just a heads up for you to learn from other people’s mistakes. You will surely have so much fun in this journey. Before you go, here’s a quote for you: “A house is made up of walls and beams. A home is made up of love and dreams.” With all that said, I wish you all the best in buying your new home! or might as well refer to the best real estate virtual tour out there for a convenient home viewing for first time buyers.